Window World Campaign

Cabell Harris (WORK Labs) and Richie Sargent (MaeBird) came to us with some hilarious concepts that also came with a technical challenge, shooting everything through glass.  Needless to say, we love a challenge. We teamed with Jake Pulliam at Bridge Studio to help rig up a window that we could shoot through without it [...]

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Sports Team Video Intro

We got a call from friend and filmmaker, Phil Wall, asking if we could create an in-arena intro video for Bucknell Women's Basketball. The catch was, there really wasn't a lot to work with but a few standard definition game highlights, photos and a logo. View the Bucknell Women's Baskebtall Intro. - Dovetail

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Mike Muscala – Documentary Short

Aside from being behind the camera, my other love is basketball. This project combines both. If you are a casual college basketball fan, there is a strong change you have never heard the name Mike Muscala. If you are a Bucknell Basketball fan, it's a name that belongs in the rafters. After 5+ years in [...]

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The Standard – Documentary (Dir: Phil Wall)

My camera has taken me to some pretty spectacular places. Filming for director Phil Wall's documentary, The Standard, was no exception. In September of 2016, I was asked to run camera for a "48 hour endurance challenge" put on by GORUCK. What I didn't know at the time, GORUCK is a rucking company that was [...]

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