Window World Campaign

Cabell Harris (WORK Labs) and Richie Sargent (MaeBird) came to us with some hilarious concepts that also came with a technical challenge, shooting everything through glass.  Needless to say, we love a challenge. We teamed with Jake Pulliam at Bridge Studio to help rig up a window that we could shoot through without it [...]

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Stop Motion – Lyric Video

Richmond, amongst other things, is known for its music. Spacebomb Records and Matthew E. White have certainly done their part to continue to keep Richmond on the map. We worked with Spacebomb Art Director Travis Robertson to create a stop motion lyric video for White's song, Rock & Roll Is Cold. You can view Matthew [...]

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The Frank Woolwine Story – Documentary Short

We all know that life can change in an instant.  For the Woolwine family, it did. Frank Woolwine was a smart, athletic, funny teenager with a full life ahead of him. Unfortunately, everything changed one night. We were hired by Burford Advertising to help them share Frank's story. View the doc., The Frank Woolwine Story [...]

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Mike Muscala – Documentary Short

Aside from being behind the camera, my other love is basketball. This project combines both. If you are a casual college basketball fan, there is a strong change you have never heard the name Mike Muscala. If you are a Bucknell Basketball fan, it's a name that belongs in the rafters. After 5+ years in [...]

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