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Virginia Department of Veteran Services

Connecting veterans with employers is important for those returning from service. The Virginia Department of Veterans Services wanted to create a TV campaign that would help get the message to employers as well as veterans looking for work.  One message focuses on the benefits of employers hiring veterans to join their team while the 2nd message speaks directly to veterans, helping them understand how [...]

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Window World Campaign

Cabell Harris (WORK Labs) and Richie Sargent (MaeBird) came to us with some hilarious concepts that also came with a technical challenge, shooting everything through glass.  Needless to say, we love a challenge. We teamed with Jake Pulliam at Bridge Studio to help rig up a window that we could shoot through without it being obvious that we are shooting through glass.  Also, Scott [...]

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Sports Team Video Intro

We got a call from friend and filmmaker, Phil Wall, asking if we could create an in-arena intro video for Bucknell Women's Basketball. The catch was, there really wasn't a lot to work with but a few standard definition game highlights, photos and a logo. View the Bucknell Women's Baskebtall Intro. - Dovetail

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